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Airport security vulnerabilities not uncommon

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — For all the tens of billions of dollars that the nation has spent on screening passengers and their bags, few airports made a comparable investment to secure the airplanes themselves. As the case of the San Jose stowaway shows, it did not take a sophisticated plan for a 15-year-old boy to spend about seven hours in what is supposed to be a secure area of Silicon ...

Sports Story of the Day
Your Top Plays for Today

Your Top Plays for Today: AP's Sports Guide CANADIENS COMPLETE SWEEP, FIRST TEAM INTO 2ND ROUND OF NHL PLAYOFFS Montreal completes a 4-0 series sweep of Tampa Bay to become first team into the second round of the NHL playoffs. CHELSEA HOLDS ATLETICO BUT AT A BIG INJURY PRICE Chelsea holds Atletico Madrid to a 0-0 draw in ...

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